My story started when I born in London several years ago. We are three brothers and I am the youngest. My brothers are my best friends.

I belong to a big family, I have my grandparents, lots of uncles and aunties in the UK and in Pakistan. Everyone loves me and treat me nicely. On my birthday, I always get lots of presents.

My parents are like my friends. They play with me and tell me exciting stories.

My mother always encourages me to enjoy my life and create fun whenever I get any opportunity.

My father always said, "Keep the balance in your daily activities" So I try to keep a balance of all my activities like playing outside, watching TV, reading a book, do mathematics, do arts, play with toys, play on Nintendo Switch, songwriting, make videos and speak to friends.

I love to ride on my bicycle and play football in summer time.

When I will grow up I like to be a Scientist. I love Chemistry and am always fascinated by mixing portions to create something new.